Special issue of Ideas in Ecology & Evolution online

IEE special issue on the Future of Publishing for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology is online now at journal site. We hope to keep this going as a regular section of IEE. A quick link to the pdfs provided below. We welcome ongoing submissions anytime, and we will try to handle them as quickly as possible.

1. Editorial to launch process –  Hansel and Gretel: The future of publishing wicked witch-free. Lortie.

2. Modeling peer review: an agent-based approach. Allesina.

3. The value of scholarly reading in the life sciences. Tenopir.

4. Can blogging change how ecologists share ideas? In economics, it already has. Fox.

5. Science Open Reviewed: An online community connecting authors with reviewers for journals. Aarssen.

6. Addressing editor(ial) malpractice in scientific journals. Cooke & Lapointe.

7. “Going green”: self-archiving as a means for dissemination of research output in ecology and evolution. Hassall.